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1974 -- "The Front Runner" published in hardcover.

1975 -- TFR published in paperback.

1975 -- Paul Newman takes a 1-year option on TFR film rights for an independent film. He has a script written by Jeremy Larner.

1976 -- Newman doesn't pick up his option, and TFR is then optioned for 1 year by Frank Perry (Director "Mommie Dearest" with Faye Dunaway).

1977 -- Frank Perry exercises his option, and moves into pre-production with TFR. Several years pass, and Perry is unable to get the production financed.

1979 -- Perry gives up, and sells his interest in TFR film rights to Howard Rosenman (Executive Producer "Sparkle" with Whitney Houston/Jordan Sparks, "Father of the Bride" with Steve Martin, The Main Event" with Barbra Streisand) and Renee Missel.

1981 -- Rosenman and Missel sell the rights to independent producer Jerry Wheeler.

1981 --1990 -- Wheeler gets his TFR production partially financed by private investors, but dies in 1990.

1990 -- Wheeler's ownership of TFR film rights are inherited by his life partner and business partner Steve Badeau, who was then working  at Columbia and later at MTM.

1992 -- Badeau initiates a new round of TFR development, working with indie producer Mitchell Blum, formerly of Atlantic Distribution.

1994-1997 -- Warren initiates actions to recover the film rights and is involved in a three year period of litigation between Badeau/Blum and herself.

1997 -- Badeau and Blum settle out of court with Warren. She is granted a five- year option. In order for her to regain the film rights, she is required to reimburse Blum and Badeau for their development costs to date.

2002 -- In December, Warren  pays the necessary funds and regains the TFR film rights. Warren then licensed The Front Runner film rights to an LLC jointly owned with her then business partner Tyler St. Mark. They set out to produce the project as an independent film production.

2012 -- In September, Warren and Tyler St. Mark dissolve their partnership. Ownership and control of The Front Runner film rights are transferred back solely to Warren by the court.

2019 - February 9th, Patricia Warren looses her battle with cancer. Literary rights (print, film and television) of all her books are now handled by her estate and are available for option, sale and production.  Interested parties should contact the executor of her estate Gregory Zanfardino patricianellwarrenestate@gmail.com

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